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Leading manufacturers of healthcare storage systems for 25 years
Robots in new automated CSSD
In what is a world first, Medstor will work in Copenhagen with Danish consulting company ALECTIA, equipping two automated warehouses.
RFID smart cabinet brochure
A solution that gives you instant, precise inventory information - saving both time and money. Auto-locking cabinet fitted with Medstor tray and liner system.
Module carts for hospitals
New module cart range
Bedside, resus, isolation, epidural or anaesthesia... Equip for purpose, embellish for style and transform your working environment.
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Medstor NHS supply chain approved supplier
NHS supply chain news
Medstor is proud to announce that yet again we have been sucessful in being listed as an approved supplier for NHS medical furniture in 2015/16.
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Every step of the way
All within your budget
Consultation, space planning, product design and installation.
From a single room to a complete hospital, we will work with you from start to finish. Our services don’t just end after the installation, it’s important to us that you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of the Medstor products and services: post-installation, fine tuning and extensive warranty offers, plus long term after sales service, will give you peace of mind for continual use.
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Medstor wheeled arrester system

new Xtraglide
Wheeled arrester

Why reinvent the wheel? Our free running wheeled arrester can remove fully loaded Medstor trays easily and quietly with the minimum of effort, with horizontal or 25º angled liner position available.
Positive stop completely secures tray and its contents in place.
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RFID technology

RFID Technology
improve your work flow

We offer a large number of technology solutions for different areas of the healthcare sector, helping improve efficiency by speeding up processes and reducing costs.
Mobility is a key benefit recognised by our new mobile units.
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Healthcare technology from Medstor
Healthcare News
Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we.

At Medstor, our in-house design team is constantly working to incorporate new ideas and innovations into our extensive portfolio of materials management solutions.

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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
NHS Wales approved supplier
HSC Northen Health and Social Care Trust approved

HTM 71, HTM 63 and CSSD specialists:
Completed projects throught Europe, USA & Canada, GGS, Asia and Australasia, Medstor is a truly global healthcare brand © 2016 Medstor. All Rights Reserved.

The heart of your storage solutions
Healthcare portfolio
Containing exciting product updates, now available to view online or request by post.
Medstor is the UK’s most focused healthcare materials management and logistics provider. As one of the leading UK manufacturers we take pride in our commitment to both quality and service, whilst continually investing in the development of new innovative products speci cally targeted at the healthcare sector.