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Cleaning INstructions

Medstor technical data sheets are available for every individual component included in our product offers and evidence base as a minimum requirement all products are able to withstand cleaning with a 1:1000 hypochorite solution. As the original equipment manufacturer products are designed and manufactured to BS standards in materials proven best fit both functionally and environmentally suitable. Technical data sheets are available upon request and provide not only routine cleaning and maintenance instructions but also full temperature tolerances chemical resistance, decontamination instructions and special care requirements where applicable across all materials supplied.

Work surfaces are supplied in line with HTM71, HTM63 and relevant BS standards complete with double post formed upstand and front bull nosing, joints are barrel bolted/butt and scribed with particular attention given to ensure no gaps between the worktop joints and any system meeting point. Medstor worktops are completely sealed and edged including the underside face ensuring heightened infection prevention.

All Medstor installations are hygienically installed complete with all infill panels, continuous plinths, sloping tops and or bulkheads and the full installation is sealed down on completion. The HAI scribe sets out full procedures and recommendations ensuring installation and modular system compliance.

We understand the requirements for changes in infection prevention and control and the introduction of new cleaning procedures and solutions is dynamic within the healthcare environment, care is taken to reflect new/ additional procedures and solutions into our technical information and we encourage on going communication with all our stakeholders to ensure our products offers comply with the latest infection prevention and H & S recommendations.

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