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Net Zero Medstor


Achieving Net Zero by 2045

The climate crisis affects us all. At Medstor, we care about our customers and we care about our world. This is why we are on a Net Zero transformation journey. All the companies within the Stamford Products Ltd family – Medstor, Mailbox Products and Micropol – have a shared responsibility to implement environmentallyresponsible working practices.

An ambitious aim

By 2045, we aim to be a Net Zero company. To achieve this, we have put a decarbonisation strategy in place. As well as being the right thing to do in response to the climate emergency, the strategy supports upcoming UK regulatory requirements and prepares us to thrive in a low-carbon economy.

Net Zero decarbonisation strategy

Our ambitious ‘Net Zero by 2045’ plan covers all parts of our business and has been introduced in three phases:

Phase 1 - Transport
We currently operate Euro 6-compliant vehicles, which are routinely maintained to ensure they operate to maximum efficiency.

During Phase 1 of our Net Zero journey, we will:
• Measure and benchmark our logistical operations to ascertain our current performance
• Investigate and review Best Practice within the logistics industry
• Devise a plan to reduce emissions

This may include:
• Upgrading or changing vehicles to electric or hybrid
• Using couriers with a low carbon footprint
• Optimum loading and routing of vehicles
• Negotiating with customers to arrange deliveries when the optimum carbon saving can be realised

To monitor success, we will:
• Define Key Performance Indicators to measure the reduction of emissions

Phase 2 – Monitoring and ongoing implementation
As we progress towards Net Zero, we will:

• Implement the plan to reduce emissions and review it regularly using PDCA (plan–do–check–act or plan–do–check–adjust)
• Obtain expert advice where KPIs are not reducing as expected

Phase 3 - Logistics
During Phase 3, we will investigate and implement other decarbonisation activities. These actions may include:
• Using solar power where possible
• Providing resources or funding to local communities to introduce carbon sinks
• Incentivising employees to car share or use alternative methods of low emission transport
• Provide charging points at the factory for electric vehicles

Part of a wider commitment

Our Net Zero strategy operates alongside the many other environmentallyresponsible initiatives we embrace across the Stamford Products Ltd group of companies.  These include:
• Holding FSC accreditation confirming that any forest-based materials  used in in our manufacturing process have been produced according to the FSC’s rigorous standards
• Collecting, reusing and recycling waste product as much as possible
• Development of a growing line of recycled materials handling products
• The use of LED lighting in our production areas and offices
• Investment in more energy-efficient machinery
• Investment in gas heating control systems
• Signing up to the British Plastics Federation’s Climate Change Agreement for Plastics Processing (BPF CCA)

“Going forward, we intend to continue to implement more energy-efficient technology that will help us to further reduce our carbon footprint. We will be continuing to look at variable speed drives for our process cooling plants and will also be exploring heat recovery. We regularly work with our energy consultants by inviting them to survey site and advise of any improvements we could make. This also helps us to keep abreast of any new technologies that become available.”
Rebecca Travis: Facilities and Maintenance Manager at Stamford Products Ltd A journey

A journey we are on together

Our businesses, staff and customers are on the Net Zero journey together, to make a better world. We welcome the challenge and look forward to a Net Zero 2045 for the Stamford Products Ltd group of companies.

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